Meet the Nativity 

We're thrilled to be partnering with Speak Life on their brand new series of Christmas films, Meet the Nativity.

It's been a collaboration between 50 artists, including Eastenders actress Vanessa Bailey, Oscar-shortlisted director, Chris Jones, and Speak Life's director, Glen Scrivener, the creative force behind a sling of viral videos.

Our colleagues Rico Tice, Nate Morgan-Locke and Barry Cooper have all had major parts to play in the genesis of this project – providing essential practical and creative help along the way. 

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In the first 24 hours, Episode 1 was seen 50,000 times across YouTube and Facebook. It tells the story of Will, a hapless boyfriend who tries to charm his way with his girlfriend's family at Christmas. While nothing works with that family, Will finds a warm welcome from the most unexpected source.

The episodes are being accompanied by 'explainer' videos, drawing out the gospel from each mini-film and directing people to follow-up. This follow-up comes in the form of a book –– Glen Scrivener's best-selling Four Kinds of Christmas –– and our series, Life Explored, a visually sumptuous introduction to the Christian faith.

Life Explored will air on Speak Life's Facebook page from 26 December and would be a great chance for you to check out the material if you haven't seen it yet.

"Directing people to Life Explored is a brilliant 'next step' for interested enquirers", said Glen. "The production values, the mind-expanding storytelling and the gospel focus are such core components of both projects and we're praying hard that many will make the journey from these Christmas films to Life Explored's films to a face-to-face course."

Please pray with us that this would be a significant step for many in their journey to faith.

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