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The course is aimed at 14-21 year olds but we had a couple of ladies in their seventies on the last course and most are late twenties to mid forties.  The format and DVDs work really well for us, because of a high number of folk for whom English as a second language and many who didn’t stick it at school, who are bright, but not academic.
-   Neil Robbie, Transforming Grace blog

Soul is clearly written, well presented and brilliantly shot. It's a cracking resource for young people to use to engage their mates with the gospel.

- Dave Fenton, director of Keswick Youth


Soul's commitment to Scripture is typical of Christianity Explored ... it's great for use with unchurched young people as it's jargon-free ... entertaining, hard-hitting and humourous.

- Helen Crawford, deputy editor of Youthwork Magazine


Just ran the CY course and Soul DVD for 70 eleven to seventeen year olds at a camp in Arran. Brilliant! The DVDs had the camp totally engrossed. The suggested introductions, games and illustrations are spot on. Leaders as well as campers found it helpful to do the course. Thanks for putting together the material ... the website and downloads all made our job much easier too.

- Duncan Porter, youth worker, Scripture Union


Think of the production values of Nooma videos combined with the content of Christianity Explored. . . although there is a youth slant (references to image, peer pressure and following the crowd), it would be perfectly acceptable for an adult audience ... There's no compromise on the truth of the gospel for the sake of relevance. Instead, relevance is established by establishing our need of a saviour. The distinctions from other religions are highlighted which is important in our increasingly pluralistic context.

- Tim Chester, director, Northern Training Institute, Sheffield in


The exceptionally good Soul DVD contains seven presentations that can be used instead of live talks. Each episode, written and presented by Nate Morgan Locke, is slick, jargon-free and communicates the gospel clearly and powerfully. Those who have been eagerly waiting for a CY DVD will not be disappointed by this resource. I showed some of the presentations to an older member of our church youth group and he was both impressed by the quality and challenged by the message ...

- Jonathan Shulver, associate minister,
Farnham Baptist Church, in Evangelicals Now



This is, in my mind, the best course around for introducing young people to the Lord Jesus Christ. A must have on any youth minister's or volunteer's shelf.

- James Pinto, Youth Minister, Bishop Hannington Church,
Hove, at Sussex Gospel Partnership


Nate Morgan Locke does a great job of walking the viewer through the gospel of Mark in a current and relevant way that draws on the scriptures, all the while not skimping on the video production, or artistic element.

- Josh Cousineau, Youth Pastor, East Auburn
 Baptist Church, at


I watched several of the seven videos with the intent of judging the product on video quality (which was excellent), but can testify that I soon became excited about the study due to the content. I love materials like this series that are willing to challenge traditional thought and practice in order to present the truth of the Gospel in a way that is new and refreshing ... The DVD videos are high quality, cleverly shot, contain numerous video illustrations that support the dialogue that is being presented, and include a couple of animations that are used as illustrations to help a young audience relate to the points being presented.

- Steve Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief of Christian Computing
Magazine, in Christian Video Magazine


The quality of filming is brilliantly high and spiritually it's dead on. It's serious on matters of sin, Christ's death, and the call to follow him (actually it's pretty much serious on everything, it's a serious DVD), and doesn't beat around the bush because the people it's aiming for are young ...

- Mark Walley, youth worker,
London, in The Grove is On Fire


The Soul DVD is a quality youth ministry resource! Visually it looks great and the production is of a high quality. It hits its target audience. I watched it with my 11 year old daughter and she both understood and engaged with the material (adults will enjoy it too!). It is a great compliment to the CY course; for those running the course it is a nice option to have as an alternative to delivering the talks live. It can be used in a variety of settings, from parents using it to share the gospel with their children at home, to the school CUs and church youth groups. It is great way of teaching the gospel, both to non-Christians, and as a reminder to Christians.

- Pastor Dan Green, Banstead Community
Church, London, in blog of dan


Very serious, no cheesy jokes or tacky puns etc. Each episode is short enough to keep attention and long enough to communicate meaningful truth. It's working well with our youth group anyway.

- Simon Hutton, Abbey Baptist Church,
Abingdon, on


The DVD is really well made, it's easy to watch and made the message quite clear.

- Tiffany, age 16, Purley, Croydon, at the Soul Premiere


Very punchy, bold and very well produced. Our pastor has just bought a copy!

- Karen, youth worker (15-19s), Fetcham Community Church,
 Surrey, at the Soul Premiere


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